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Meridian Homes, the top architects and interior designers in Kerala are situated in Palai, Kottayam. Our company seeks to provide complete design solutions with an emphasis on innovation in detailing by integrating the four aspects of architecture, structural design, interior design, and construction.

I never consider elegance when I'm working on any project. But when I'm done, if the result isn't lovely, I know it's not right.

Gopi Krishnan ( Founder )

We have been engaged in variety of projects throughout Kerala, which have helped to elevate our firm's reputation. Throughout the years, we have relied on the trust of long-term clients and their activities. Meridian's team of creative, passionate, and inspired individuals provides dependable, innovative, technology-driven solutions and services at all levels of home construction and design.

Meridian Homes Palai

Who We Are

Our Philosophy


Among other factors, our buildings are characterized by social commitment.


We do value our projects to construct remarkable works in a well-timed manner


Our constant attention to detail all through the project ensures quality control.


To meet ethical needs, we adhere to all conceptual regulations and standards.


Meridian Homes is the best company with which I have personal experience. This Kottayam architect is a talented architect in Kerala, and they made a fantastic interior design for my office building.
Sandhya Nair
One of the most reputable architectural and interior design firms in Palai. I like how the team has a wide range of experience in structural design, including not only residences but also, and office buildings.
Ruby Abraham
A firm that is committed to maintaining its status as one of the finest architectural services in Ponkunnam and throughout Kerala. The team is made up of people that are experts in their fields.

Our Team

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