Architectrual Design and Planning Service

best home architects in kerala

As the leading home designers and architects in Kottayam, Kerala. Also, Our services are architectural design services for both residential and commercial projects.
Our skilled architects and designers thoroughly analyze each client’s needs before developing the plan and other features that take into account all of the practical feasibility of the same indeed.

Here are the best architectural designs we have to offer:

  1. Contemporary/ Modern style architectural designs
  2. Traditional Kerala style architectural design
  3. Colonial style architectural designs
  4. Hybrid style architectural designs
  5. Eco-friendly architectural designs

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Interior Designing Service

Our Services

Meridian Interiors, one of the best interior designers in Kerala, is one of the few prominent interior designers in Kottayam, operating concurrently in the construction and interior design industries.

Meridian Interiors’ speciality is the ability to create interior design ideas and concepts in accordance with architecture designs as well as customer imagination.

We focused on the interior design in the main areas are:

  1. Residential Interior Design
  2. Home Interior Design
  3. Flat Interior Design
  4. Commercial Interior
  5. Design Office Interior
  6. Design Hospitality Interior
  7. Design Contemporary
  8. Interior Design

3d Visualization

It’s incredible to be able to see your dream home before it’s built using 3D home design and the expertise of skilled 3D architectural designers and visualizers in Meridian Homes. 3D home design allows the client to picture how the home should look before construction and allows for the addition of enhancements, modifications, or other alterations.
Meridian Homes is a best leader in offering the best and quality 3D home designs in Kottayam, Ernakulam, Kerala based on the client’s specifications and expectations.

360 degree view

Meridian Homes can assist you in creating high-quality 360-degree panoramic views of your real estate and home design projects. With only one dynamic 3d image, you can capture and view a full room. But don’t just take our word for it; check it out for yourself:

Low-cost structural designer in Kerala

Meridian Homes has a good reputation for engineering varied and technically demanding projects. Therefore, Its diverse portfolio includes practically every type of commercial and retail building, as well as churches, residential, renovation projects, education institutions, and landmark structures.
Meridian Homes also offers professional assistance for specialized projects such as hazard renovations of existing structures.

Throughout Kerala, we provide structural engineering consulting services. We have experience in RCC and steel structures, seismic retrofits, bridges, and offshore structures, among other things.

Kerala Home Construction Services

Memury Temple Construction

Meridian Homes is a renowned provider of construction services in Kottayam, Kerala. Our goal is to provide high-quality buildings to meet our clients’ construction demands in Kerala.

Our Construction Services Capabilities in Kerala

The following are the primary areas in Kerala where we provide our services.

  • Property development, encompassing land development, road construction, Temple and Church construction and so on.
  • Basement construction, piling work.
  • Civil Building Construction – From Start to Finish.
  • Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, tiling, and painting are all examples of trades.
  • Other Finishing Projects
  • Interior Design and Construction
  • Installation of auxiliary products such as solar panels, biowaste treatment facilities, mosquito nets, and so on.
  • Gardening and landscape design are also options.